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is off. it is off. and we think we know why. >> i think the arathon is a disgrace and shame on mayor bloomberg. he is painting bluelines come allowing people to cross over the bridge and they should all be running here to staten island to help us. he is providing generators for this marathon. he is providing people to go to bathrooms when people don't even have homes in staten island. there's electricity and there's no heat in the water. it is a disgrace what he is doing and it is a real disgrace.
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neil: we do find it odd that after that interview the entire marathon was off. all eyes are on a battered new york. the rodney dangerfield of rows in new york that hadn't gotten a lick of attention. until today. went to the fox reporter and producer and camera crew to shed light on an embarrassing situation at a time when local officials, state officials, even national officials were appraising relief efforts and leave it to some guys to say, you know, it's not so hunky-dory. in staten island, it wasn't going so well. within minutes of our coverage, a once pristine piece of real
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estate called staten island. that was then. all of a sudden, a different reaction at adam, how are things looking now? >> well, right now, you can't see much because there is dark. there is no electricity and you talk about the pressure from the people of staten island to get government officials to listen to them. that pressure actually brought janet napolitano, secretary of national security, to the island today. here's what she said. >> we knew that staten island took a hard hit from hurricane sandy. so we want to make sure that the right resources are brought here as quickly as possible to help this community, which is so strong, recover more quickly. >> i can tell you that it's
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bitter cold. they have no electricity. one of the complaints is that all emphasis is on manhattan. i have a friend who's camped out in lor manhattan. they have no electricity in lower manhattan. con ed is making that emphasis to make electricity be restored. all you see is the trucks can get stuff out now that they have showed up. you don't see the utility company putting the electricity on. it is being restored in other parts. but the area hardest hit is still waiting. neil: what is remarkable is that a lot of local officials, the republican governor, a democratic president, each congratulating the other. each congratulating local officials that they are on top of it. that things are getting better. but to look at the scenes and the people with whom you have talked to today, they might want to hold the backslapping for a while. because it does seems that we are a long way from getting this even more loot back to normal.
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>> that would be inaccurate statement. when you see the aerial footage that has been shot by fox. when you see the destruction that has taken place. fox sent me to the japan area after this nominee. there are parts of this island that resemble the devastation. this is actually calm compared to what you see on the road. i'm marina. the homes that are just gone. they are pushed off of the foundatis. people here are waiting for action. they have to scream and yell to get it. neil: adam shapiro, great reporting today. what we are saying again today is that, a local state, they are right to say that they are getting in front of us may want to be in front of us. but the idea of complement in compromising themselves, backslapping themselves, congratulating themselves, it would be akin to my saying,
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election night coverage was perfect and pristine and bar none, the best in town. we look forward to that, but yo can't stop backslapping you are a long way from crisis. there is a big difference between putting a broadcast together and putting a rescue operation together. one that involves a myriad of agencies costing billions of dollars, addressing the storm that when all is said and done will be more than $50 billion. that is why we are calling democrats and republicans on the carpet. there people hurting here, people and long gas lines here, we will be showing a lot of that today. we will show you what it's like to fill up your car in the new york metropolitan area in any of the five boroughs. plan on five or six or 78 hours. that is why we were out in staten island.
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that is why we have helicopters out looking at us. because we just wanted to give you the skinny. with the officials are telling you is the case and what in what is actually the ca on the ground. for the latest on that, a congressman who represents staten island. congressman, you are mad were mad as all get out about the lack of attention. the reality on the ground that didn't match the political phrase that you're hearing behind the microphone. would we say now? >> i will tell yyu, i fel a lot better tonight than i did yesterday. the truth is that we are devastated. we desperately needed to help and there is a lot of suffering this is our hurricane katrina. we really felt like we were being ignored. the rest of the country was seeing something, but it wasn't
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us. that dramatically started to change yesterday and certainly today with secretary napolitano coming, the national ceo of the red cross. >> no doubt. the boots will stop hitting the ground, whether it is the red cross and fema. fema was knocking on doors. [talking over each other] neil: what were they doing when they were knocking on doors? >> giving people desperately needed information and letting them know what the processes and there were inspectors looking at how to assees the damage to the people can start to get some funding so they can start replacing in putting together their lives. going door-to-door is extremely important. a lot of things that happened today that, you know, need desperately to be done.
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we are still hurttng. it is a tremendous amount to be done. there are a lot of people are looking for answers and still haven't been gone through. the only backslapping that there should be at all is from the volunteers of the shelters and the hospital staff is working around the clock. and even con edison has been out there 24/7. i know there is power outages, but they are doing everything they can. those are our heroes. the nypd and the first responders. they are unbelievable. neil: thank you, very much, congressman michael grimm. and it starts with folks are saying, wait a minute. what about where i'm from. what about the folks who i know. what about my family and friends. ralph works with me on this fine show, a producer and he is from staten island. we were hearing wasn't at all
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like the reporting you're hearing, right? >> what happens when it takes as long to get this much attention is people stop talking. they start talking and sheer horror stories about what is going on. all these rumors, what is being used as a more, what is being used as shelter, and they didn't know what was going on because no one is reporting on it. neil: so a lot of the hurricane katrina type devastation, that has not been -- although we talk to rescue officials that indicated to a lot of houses. so we fear for the worst. we don't hope to see that. but we don't know that. do you learn more out the fact that no one even knew about it? >> i didn't even know. i was in the city here all week
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and i found out yesterday that people on twitter -- they were going wild. and i was like, why is no one doing this? why does no one know about thiss i'm from staten island and i don't know about it and we have to do something about this. people in the city now, think you have no power and that is bad. it is nothing compared to what you see when you're there. on the way there, when you're driving over the bridge and everything you know is gone -- it is just grey and sand -- the people that use the restaurants their restaurants with -- the places -- it's that. neil: you were seeing all the attention paid -- an rightly so, to new jersey in the battered coast. but you and i have joked about it is sort of like the rodney dangerfield of boroughs. the devastation we saw there, ralph, it looked as bad if not
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worse. >> everyone says it's a forgotten borough, it's a joke. but it's not. it shouldn't should take five days for this to happen. the main thing is look at all the supplies people lost their homes and their lives and their families. neil: rao, thank you very much. the people to live in the area and know the area, this is why think you can get a good sense of this. politicians are patting themselves on the back. they want to thank thank this guy for the something ba after
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that. everything seems to be going hunky dor and help is on the way. but then these poor people ar out there and are not getting the hell. think about that, my friends. one woman i talked to at the top of the show, who can step back and say, you know what? ♪
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neil: when my friend was talking about though we have these little worlds that are separated in new york, and the crowds
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waiting outside for the mny ipad, they are waiting for that, and his relief supplies are coming in staten island. it is enough to make you sick. one other thing, we suggested that you can have these long lines and we said we might get back to something akin to what we had. maybe we can remember this was the last energy crisis. wouldn't you know that governor chris christie, he is a little younger, he wants to go and he is announcing the rationing of gasoline. and they might say, what is the big deal. look at these lines. well, these arvery long lines, just to get gasoline. the problem is they're out because they have no power and there is no way to access the gas. they might cut down by on an even distribution of this and for those of you, well, let's
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say, is new to you. for those of you that are in within a century, this is akin to a we did in the back luncheon last energy crisis. on and the crisis before that in 1973. that is why this is such a big deal. that is why this is so bad. that is why this is not some fleeting event. they are already making arrangements like this in one of the most population heavy states. new york will probably consider to do the same in short order. all of these utilities are down. power is coming back at a glacial pace. james o'neill says providing the help and the resources to get these utilities back online. is that correct? >> yes, sir, we are the largest contractor in the nation that provides comfort services.
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we provide maintenance and construction on substations, transition systems, and distribution systems throughout north america. neil: for anyone affected in new york, new jersey, any of the boroughs around new york as well, that would be the same? >> yes, sir, we actually have -- we have stations that we set up prior to the storm hitting. nine of them in the ddstrict of columbia as we preplanned with utility customers as early as last week. neil: i understand that it takes a long time to get power back on. some of these stations were flooded and they all connect in a linked fashion. but how do we prevent this in the future? why can't they make this more watertight, more water
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resistant, the stations and linkups are less dependent upon each other, we think about? >> i think the systems are designed to adequately handle what we saw except for maybe in the eye of the storm. the biggest issue that we see when these types of events happen or from the trees. the trees can't withstand that type of wind, or in the case of west virginia, you're getting eyes and snow, which you can't design for that type of an event. neil: why can't you? in japan when they built more earthquake resistant buildings, not those that can completely within it, but they can do so as time goes on. a little stronger and a little stronger. you know your business a little better. that's why i defer to you. why can't we, let's say, replace a system would generate a system that is a little stronger and have some features of the prior
6:20 pm
one didn't have. why don't we do that? >> maybe we are, maybe just not working. >> i think that is something the industry continues to try to workon. but when you look at the loads with those type of offense caused on the structures, it is very difficult to design something strong enough to handle a tree that is toppling onto a power line when i storm that you have significant weight on the conductor and the structure one so if this would've happened a year ago, is as that is to say that, you know, they get used to it? been a welcome i think there are options. agai we don't design it. but the cost of some of the alternatives, they are cost prohibitive, and also have their own set of issues, like salt
6:21 pm
water that can occur. neil: jim, thank you for helping these guys out. jim o'neill. governor chris christie, new jersey, on an even pace to get your gas. if your license plate ends in an odd a odd number, but today you get it. if it ds in an even number, that is the day you get it. those are the odd letters if you and him a letter, a and c are the all lovers. tran-four are the even letters. when we come up we have bob mcdonnell. it really is like an avengers
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neil: you know that guy. paul ryan. this is an event going on. in chester, ohio. just to let you know, we have brought out the best and mightiest of the republican party here.
6:26 pm
perhaps like a political avengers team. you have rob portman and governor john cusick and bobby jindal there. you hve virginia governor bob mcdonnell. he will be joining us shortly. i mean, that is the who's who of the republican party in an all-out push to fit mitt romney over the top. to show you how tight the ohio races. they are either dead tired or separated by no more than two points. well within the margin of error. they have no idea how it will turn out. but we do know that for mitt romney, the math gets tough and less he wins in ohio. i'm talking about the electoral map and that is where he will have to do it. they are bringing out a full team to make that happen. my next guest says the president helpunion workers.
6:27 pm
delphi went bankrupt. former delphi worker tom rhodes. would have been? >> thank you for having me. myself and 20 other retirees are just one of the untold casualties of the autbailout. after the gym bankruptcy process was complete, the uaw retirees had their full health care and pensions, where as myself and others lost all of our health care and our life insurance and had pension reductions up to 70%. neil: so it is actually a joke because it's pennies on the dollar in the end? what did you do, did you have any recourse?
6:28 pm
>> that is correct. both pension plans were terminated. yet, the auto task force got involved in a court raft a very fast gym bankruptcy. it was excavated in 44 days. we think that the political connections are basically helping them get their full pension plan. we are glad that they haven't. they were bored and they deserve it. but what we don't understand is how we work side-by-side with the union in the same plant in an identical situation. we are decidedly different by obama's auto task forc. neil: how does it explain the other time, the union guys matter more than the salary guys are how do you explain that? >> did you hear me? i think we lost him. okay. apparently a union in charge of that particular video hookup. no, i'm kidding. i reject that. i apologizz for that. coming up, mcdonald's ceo is
6:29 pm
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>> in 2008, we are in the middle of two wars and the worst economic crisis since the great depression. today, our businesses have created nearly 5.5 million new jobs and we have learned that companies hired more workers in october than at any other time in the last eight months. neil: whom i can pick apart the
6:33 pm
president on things like this, but the 5 million jobs created, first of alldon't keep up with population growth. we don't move that math or those dates. we decided we would keep to the same means by which we jobjudge the job. that's not to say it's their right. it just is. he is talking about job growth in the job report out today still, 7.9% unemployment rate. and the trend is your friend. you agree? >> no, i do not agree at all. i think the pros are doing what they always do and we have to be realistic about this. what is the genesis of those jobs and we kick about little bits of this.
6:34 pm
neil: we have the power houses there, they alone don't say anything. but what does he have to do to convince people this trend the president is calling his friend is not your friend. oup in ohio and just recently i was in eastern ohio. the coal miners and steel workers working on these gas fields. the epa is telling them that we have to get government regulators out of the way of business so that they can grow and prosper. we are spending millions of dollars on wind generated electricity, which is not high-quality electricity.
6:35 pm
it is $22 per kilowatt hour when cool fire is 22 cents r kilowatt hour. where are our priorities? is just like mayor bloomberg running a marathon face of leadership crisis. >> he would have canceled that marathon if it hadn't been for guys like you raising hell about it. in all seriousness, i'm curious about this. a guy like you. you have a stellar corporate career and you still do. as mitt romney loses, if he re to lose, what you fear? a lot of guys say, it's not the end of the world. so what is he getting all worked up about? would he say?
6:36 pm
>> i fear for our country. we are at a tipping point. the western european nanny state, or we are going to rely on self-reliance. i have lunch with a lady who is a brilliant woman who talks about the problems of france. she wanted to rent a home and they told her because she didn't work for the government, she didn't have security and they wanted to mae sure that they got the rent. this is a well educated woman with a high paying job and the landlord preferred a government worker for security. they are running out of money now. they don't get it. >> suito for your is the president says this is not the case? >> if we don't understand the past, wewill never figure out the future. look at the last four years.
6:37 pm
government regulation on top of government regulation. 75,000 new irs agents to manage health care. come on, it's going to be more of the same. we can afford it. neil: i want to switch to this storm, and i want to talk to you about it. you are a pretty good leader and you know good leadership qualities. i always think, and i talked to my producers from staten island. there is a great disconnect between politicos. everything is fine, we are on top of it. fifteen minute rule, i want people to get back to people, assuming that when you get back, something is being done and you create a great appearance of things a getting done. and i'm talking to my buddy and hearing about his family and friends in staten island and i realized, at they are talking a good game, but people down on the ground, they are not seeing
6:38 pm
it. i'm wondering whether that is the kind of stuff that when people see images of tse aerial shots or any ofthese affected hurricane areas, you're getting a line of bull from public officials who are saying everything is fine and there is a big old storm of indifference with a couple of you. >> i looked at governor christie and he was a man that was destroyed by what happened to the people in the state that he loved. he was absolutely crushed, looking for y kind of help that he could possibly get. was he hoodwinked by the president, what a thing? >> he was crushed emotionally. he saw his people. i was on the board of governors of the american red cross and i can tell you that there is nothing greater than being a family person who has kids and a husband and wfe. they don't have a home, they
6:39 pm
have no blankets, they have no water. neil: but they had a sense of reality, and they just know, politicians seem to be talkkng about providing relief in helping out red folks with homes underwater. >> why wasn't bloomberg in staten island? why wasn't he doing that set of trying to buffalo all of us into believing that the marathon was good for you new york? that is an absolute failure of leadership and it is all about hyperbole and network television has nothing to do with the tragedy on the street corner. you go talk to a father who can't shelter his children, an that man can tell you what politicians should do. neil: you are exactly right. ank you very much. that marathon is off. it's not happening. in no small measure to folks like rall and others that we talked to in staten island.
6:40 pm
they are saying, what are you thinking? people for that. people saw that. in the mayor had to say, well, i in the mayor had to say, well, i guess enough of that. [ male announcer ] you are a business pro. monarch of marketing analysis. with the ability to improve roi through seo all by cob. and from national. because only national lets you choose any car in the aisle... and go. you can even take a full-size or above,
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neil: all right. you might have heard, and just going to put him off. i id not want to make the leap that he is nt an obama fan. my next guest is. he is a former ceo. the litical vernacular, a surrogate as they call you. and obama circuit. good to have you. >> that is what they say. neil: that is what they say. what do you think of this economy's latest jobs report? the president saying it is a great, promising sign that things are getting better. mitt romney in ohio tonight saying, no, it isn't. it is the best that we could do. you know, another thing coming. what do you say? >> well, first thing is i think
6:44 pm
it is a sign the steady progress. we are going in the right direction. not as fast as any of us would like, but it is steady progress. i think it is also really important to look at the global context. this is not a local recession or a great recession that we just 70 u.s. in fact, we are performing better than any other large industrialized country in the world. neil: as well we should. we are the big gun, but we have to export and have customers. >> europe is fading into a recession. many of the policies that are taking them there are some of the same policies that paul ryan in particular seems to want to put in place. neil: but you could seriously argue the reason why they are in the economical they are is because they build this cradle to grave nanny state that some of them have to disentangle because there is no more money. in fact, what they're doing in france to try to make things right is, well, let's take the
6:45 pm
top tax rate to 75 percent and you have a fne business mind like yourself. what i'm asking to where is the middle ground? what do you do to get this under control? >> obviously we have to get through this election. as the fed has said and as most independent economists say, we have some momentum behind the economy. you know my favorite industry, actually the reason that i am such a big fan of barack obama's the restructuring that he put in place was exactly the right thing. the europeans did not restructure their industry. $65.70%. neil: of baker it was originally sold. it finall went through that plants would be shattered. it would be really a painful
6:46 pm
bankruptcy, aleit one backed up by the taxpayers. a lot of folks would no have gone along with that. they did ultmately, but te details, the troubles and painful details can later. >> one of the things you know, neil, you remember what it was like in january 2009. no one had ny idea what was happening. all of us in the auto industry were looking at gm and chrysler. we sught to companies on the verge of failure that were going to take down the entire supplier industry. we also saw an industry that had to be restructured. bill ford is my hero. he fired in self. they put forward in a good ace, so they did not have to be rescued. they laid out a map for what had to be done, and everybody had to sacrifice. neil: and the end justifies it because things are back. and is starting with president bush. i'm not criticizing, but it did
6:47 pm
not lead to a slippery slope. >> once again, the difference between this was, this was not a bailout. a bailout is when you give money to the existing guys. restructuring. the key thing that obama did -- neil: the, the bankrucy and restructuring. >> but the restructuring was driven by the president's team. a bankruptcy court would never have done that by itself, and it is the reason i don't like the mitt romney passive approach, just turn it over to the courts. it would not have moved fast enough. it would not have taken the action the president's team did. all of us do that both chrysler and the gm teams and the boards had to go. neil: ended up going into italian hands.s. in the in the gm is opening up in china. that is all well and good. i am just saying, that was not the way it was originally billed. >> look, i think that gm opening plants in china is great because
6:48 pm
it is more sales for gm. and the jeep was the first car sold in china, the fact that chrysler is going to produce more is also good. who cares who it is that came in tell rescue chrysler? there was no one else that wanted to take over. and that he has done a phenomenal job. he is canadian anyway. neil: there is that. i do like the italians. >> she has done a great job. neil: okay. >> the netting the u.s. has benefited. neil: we can disagree on some fine points. thank you. very good. >> you have to agree that it is one of the real successes of this administration that they have turned this industry around . neil: i don't know bout that. i don't know. the cost, or, for example, the way that bondholders were trted in the way that we redid contract law. >> everybody has to sacrifice. neil: not everyone did. not everyone did.
6:49 pm
well, we make history. i love you dearly, but we did redo a couple of things. it is very good having you austin. i appreciated. >> good to see you again. neil: in the meantime i want to itch to westchester ohio. mitt romney speaking. a busy blitz of key swing state visits of a the next couple of days. covering all of these events, including what president obama is up to. it is safe to say that neither of these guys are going to be sleeping for the next few days. obviously the operative few words. red bull. follow the wings.
6:50 pm
6:51 pm
6:52 pm
neil: all right. back to my friends, and had to call my friends in staten island because i have so many who live there and work there. a couple of staff members who
6:53 pm
are part of that fine barrault, but this story particularly intrigued me. you might have heard about this big marathon that was being planned, the new york marathon days after the storm. a lot of folks, are you kidding me? you are bringing in all of these supplies mported bodies and water and food and generators for these marathon runners when people are hurting and screaming. well, this fellow ticket to another level. the owner of th hilton garden inn in s.i. and he refused to kick out stranded residents to make room for marathon runners. and that just had to get in here, and i am glad that i did. very good to have you. >> hello. thank you for calling me. neil: i heard the story ended hit me. you could have thrown them out and been accommodative to the runners. you chose not to. why not? >> how could you? i mean, these are my neighbors, the people that i see every day.
6:54 pm
i think anyone underestimated how bad this storm was. you know, our hotels, the hilton garden inn and the hampton in the same parking lot. when the storm came a lot of people check in on sunday. everyone felt, well, monday the storm, and tuesday will be better and we will leave to zero wednesday. and obviously it did not happen. it was worse. by wednesday we said that, you knowwe are not going to have a place for these people if we do this, this, this -- neil: this was stupid. it would have started in s.i. all of these supplies and provisions that were being made, it was really -- it was like people were oblivious to the very images we are showing now, which is crazy. >> well, what i said to a couple of people, especially the people that are mad because we had to
6:55 pm
make a decision on thursday. the decision was to are we going to throw these people out of our hotel to make room for the marathon as to come in so that they can run a race on sunday and go back to their lives, these people from staten island have no place to go, and hat was a kind of easy decision. we had a guy that was 101 years ol whose soon called and said, if you would have started out he would died. we have a -- an iraqi war veteran who is up paraplegic who had lost his house. in fact, people on staten island built hisouse for him where the doors withp and dow in the tables with up and down. could we throw him out industry? wejust couldn't do it. we made a decision. neil: you are to be congratulated, my friend. in an age when you see a lot of people trying to let double, triple prices.
6:56 pm
get out here and i will find someone who can pay triple. you refused to do that. business guys like you end up not only getting more business in the end, but proving that you are salts of the earth guys throughout. i want to thank you for that. i know that i speak for a lot of folks and friends in the borough and will be on to say the same
6:57 pm
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6:59 pm
verizon. more 4g lte covege than all other networks combined. new pink lemonade 5-hour energy? 5-hour energy supports the avon foundation for women breast cancer csade. so i can get the energized feeling i need and support a great cause? i'm sold. pink lemonade 5-hour energy? yeah and a portion of every sale goes to the avon foundation for women breast cancer crusade. i'm so. new pink lemonade 5-hour energy. get the alert, energized feeling you u need and support breast cancer research and access to care. neil: i apologize. virginia governor bob macdonald tied up in

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